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Organic, bilingual and multicultural childcare in the heart of Cardiff
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Nursery Cardiff

Our methods

Nestlings’ Nursery uses methods from the renowned styles of both Waldorf Steiner and Maria Montessori to deliver the Early Years Foundation Phase to young children.

The teaching styles of Steiner and Montessori are different, yet both focus on the importance of our natural environment and surroundings.


The Montessori method allows children to explore teacher prepared activities that focus on real-life ideas in their own space and time. The Steiner approach, while allowing children to explore activities for themselves, also follows a stable daily routine and focuses more on the creative interests and the imaginative mind of each child.

From research and experience, we believe that there is much to be adopted from bringing such a wealth of knowledge and tested methodology together. 

Here at Nestlings’, we believe we have composed a world of learning that embraces the best there is in educating and caring for your child and their future.

Nursery Cardiff
Nursery Cardiff
Nursery Play Cardiff


A daily routine gives children a sense of security and understanding, however within this routine children are given significant, supervised time to explore and investigate different activities for themselves. These times are carefully planned and set up by the nursery teachers to support the development stages of each child.


Our daily planning programmes are made up of a range of activities, including:

* Creative           *Messy Play          *RolePlay          *Home Corner          *Construction    *Small World      *Sand          *Water           *Outdoor           *Large Physical           *Table Top          *Sensory         *Gardening          *Seasonal Table           *Snack/Cooking           *Story            *Group Time

We develop programmes that consist of 10 different activities a day for the youngest babies up to 17 activities per day in our pre-school. 

These different areas give children a solid foundation for development through the seven different fields of The Early Years’ Foundation Phase:

  • Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity

  • Language, Literacy and Communication Skills

  • Mathematical Development

  • Welsh Language Development

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World

  • Physical Development

  • Creative Development

Our Ethos

Teaching children about the natural world around us is high on the Nursery’s agenda and our daily activities emphasise the importance of looking after our planet, friends, family and neighbours.


The Natural World

Each day the children take part in a gardening activity, ranging from watering our homegrown organic plants in our indoor garden to building a willow dome in our fun outdoor space.

Nestlings’ Nursery tries to be as eco-friendly as we can be by sourcing local products, using little plastic, reusing and recycling items and being as organic as possible. The equipment provided for the children is mostly made from wood and other natural products.

We provide daily diaries, invoices and other materials via secure online platforms to save on paper and waste.

We provide a range of lunches each week: one meat, one poultry, one fish and two vegetarian. There is a lot of research to suggest that as well as providing a healthier diet, cutting down on meat-eating can help climate change by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Find out more about our menus here. 

Our Community

We embrace the diversity of the human race by celebrating the festivities of different cultures and religions throughout the year. Each room has a Seasonal table and children are encouraged to bring items in to share with their friends.

We hold regular family days and at least twice a year we hold a charity fundraising activity to support local children’s hospice, Tŷ Hafan, allowing children the opportunity to help others in the community.



Raw food waste is put into our Nursery compost bin and reused in our gardens once broken down. Other products are recycled via council resources.

Cardiff Nursery
Cardiff Nursery


We are always looking to improve our creative, learning delivery and to become more eco-friendly. We welcome input and embrace new ideas from all our children, parents and staff.

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