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Organic, bilingual and multicultural childcare in the heart of Cardiff
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Here at Nestlings’ Nursery, we provide 5 organic meals a day:

  • Breakfast (choice of porridge, cereal, fruit or toast)

  • AM Snack (light savoury snack with fruit)

  • Lunch (two-course freshly homemade meal)

  • PM Snack (light savoury snack with fruit)

  • Tea (freshly homemade meal)


A bowl of fruit and jug of water is always present in each room, giving children the opportunity to eat and drink throughout the day if required.  

There are many different choices for food and we try to cater for all by offering a meat, vegetarian and vegan menu.

We will discuss your child's requirements with you and implement a strict plan prior to your child starting at Nestlings' Nursery.

Our nutritionally-balanced three-week menu is updated seasonally, using locally-sourced organic ingredients. Menus are available for all parents to see via the Parent Portal.

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Providing a healthy diet for children is important for many reasons:

  • Children need a balanced selection of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to grow; by supplying these necessities, children can grow in the most advantageous way.  

  • Children need vitality to learn; a healthy diet provides children with the essential energy and motivation for this.

  • Opening up the world of wholesome food and its benefits to young children will help them to embrace a healthy lifestyle in adult years.

Too much sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. We flavour our homemade food with natural sweeteners such as fruit, honey and agave syrup. No sugar is added to any of our dishes.

Too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, which can lead to other health problems. We buy as many ‘low salt’ products as possible and we do not add any extra salt into our meals.


It is good to know what we are eating

Many studies have shown that there are much higher levels of nutrients in organic food. The reason for this is down to the farming methods.


Non-organic methods usually involve intense farming which exhausts the soil, leaving farmers to rely on extra fertilisers, which eventually changes the natural balance of nutrition. Organic farmers do not intensively farm and rotate their crops, leaving the soil full of nutrients.  

Organic and free-range livestock have access to grass which means the meat they provide is high in omega-3. Non-organic livestock is typically fed only on grains and processed foods, leaving their meat rich in omega-6 rather than omega-3. We also believe it is ethically correct for our animals to live naturally. 


The intense farming patterns and living conditions of non-organic meat production, not only often ignores the welfare of animals but usually gives way to diseases also. Livestock is routinely given antibiotics to prevent infection, leaving the meat they provide with antibiotic residue.

Organic fruit and vegetables are grown and produced only using a select few of natural chemicals. Many non-organic food products today contain vast amounts of pesticides, which are quite literally poisons. These chemicals are not only harmful to the environment but difficult for the body to process, effecting our general health and well-being.

Organic food also tastes so much more flavoursome!



A balanced lifestyle involves physical activity, personal hygiene and a healthy diet in order to promote a sense of well-being.


Here at Nestlings' we provide many different physical activities each day which focus on the gross motor development stages of each child. Children are more likely to keep an active lifestyle in later years if they are introduced to it at a young age.

Healthy teeth and mouths are also important to a child's wellness, so we ask all parents and guardians to supply a toothbrush so children can brush their teeth after meals. 

Emotional wellness is very important which is why we promote positive praise and deal with 'bad' behaviour by ignoring it as much as possible, not raising our voices and use soft discipline when needed as a last resort. 

Sleep is as important to your child's development and well-being as nutrition and physical activity. Here at Nestlings' we have designated sleep areas and 'nap time' is part of our daily routine for younger children. The amount and quality of sleep we receive effects our safety, how alert we are, as well as our memories, moods, behaviour, and learning abilities. 

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