Organic, bilingual and multicultural childcare in the heart of Cardiff
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All about Nestlings' Nursery

Nursery Cardiff

  • Nestlings' Nursery is a multicultural, eco-friendly, healthy and homely setting, caring for and educating babies from 3 months old, to children of 5 years. A fun, forest-focused holiday club is also available for school children up to the age of 12.


  • We deliver our childcare in Welsh and English. Extra language sessions will soon be available for pre-school children, please ask us for more information.

  • Highly qualified and experienced staff have been carefully selected to provide the best love, attention, care and education your child deserves.



  • All organic meals, milk and biodegradable hygiene essentials are included within nursery fees.

  • We provide a secure online 'Parent Portal' where parents can communicate with their key worker as well as access our events calendar and newsletter.

  • ​It is important for young people to celebrate the diversity of the human race. Nestlings' Nursery appreciates what makes people different by embracing all faiths and cultures.

  • "Looking after and respecting the world we live in" is the Nursery's ethos. We want to make sure children grow up knowing the importance of protecting our planet for the future.